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Mohamed Jafar for South District City Council

"I am running for City Council because change does not come through wishful thinking; change comes by way of explicit, direct and motivated efforts."


Why I Am Running

December 27, 2018

I am running for Burlington City Council for the South District because I have lived here nearly my whole life and have seen the same problems for nearly two decades become stagnant: the rising cost of living and income inequality. I want to get involved because change does not come through wishful thinking; change comes by way of explicit, direct and motivated efforts. I want to put myself forth as a bridge between the New American community and the bigger Burlington community. I want to be an agent of change.

The most important issues I am addressing are: income inequality and raising the minimum wage, housing and the exponentially rising costs of living, affordable child care, and the successful and fruitful integration of new American communities into the greater Burlington body. In greater concentration and in synchronization with my district’s needs, I want to expand youth engagement, fight the opioid epidemic, address potholes and less than adequate roads and increase accessibility to a wider range of populations in Burlington. Let’s put together a wholesome, cohesive and inclusive initiative to increase the quality of life for all of Burlington. Change is reflected in our efforts, not our hopes.

Please vote for me for your representative for City Council on Tuesday, March 5th. We can make positive change, together. 


The Issues At Hand

Vote for Mohamed for South District City Council on Tuesday, March 5th

Income Inequality & Raising the Minimum Wage

  • Expand the livable wage ordinance to ALL workers and all contract workers- including the airport.

  • Use the city's contracting power to work with firms that pay livable wages, and offer health care and other key benefits to workers

  • Expanding paid family leave through city contracts to directly impact workers

Housing & the Rising Cost of Living 

  • Reform inclusionary zoning to encourage economically integrated neighborhoods

  • Find ways to better fund the Housing Trust Fund and explore new ways to help protect people from losing their housing, or help them find suitable housing.

  • Strengthen Burlington’s standards for development agreements to ensure TRULY affordable housing, local jobs to local people, and development that reduces energy use (has a net positive gain) and halts pollution to the lake

Affordable Childcare

  • Provide more opportunities for affordable quality childcare for ALL Burlingtonians

  • Ensure childcare is accessible for all, regardless of background

Successful Integration of New American Communities into Greater Burlington Body

  • Successfully bridge New Americans and City Council by including translation services and targeted outreach

  • Create “Outreach Committee” to build bridge to New American communities

Opioid Epidemic

  • We cannot arrest our way out of this crisis.  We have to take a public health approach that prioritizes evidence-based treatment.

  • Initiatives for preventative measures to the epidemic, focusing more resources on education and prevention, especially for youth

  • Promote overdose prevention sites

Environmental Awareness

  • Promote environmental awareness/greener processes through educational programs

  • Implement a comprehensive stormwater and wastewater plan that fully addresses discharges into the lake and keeps beaches open.)

Youth Opportunity/Arts and Culture

  • Promote opportunities for artists, musicians and creative writers through positive economic investment in the South End Arts District

  • Create opportunities for youth, regardless of background, to have places to hangout after school, get access to academic resources and help

  • Create job opportunities for college/non-college young professionals

What is Important to You?

We want to hear from YOU, the people of the South District. What matters to you? How can we serve you? Please email mohamedforsouthdistrict@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, ideas, whatver you want. We thank you!



My name is Mohamed Jafar. For fifteen years, I have been proud to call Burlington home. I was seven years old in 2003 when my family moved to the United States through Vermont’s Refugee Resettlement Program. My family is originally from Somalia, due to civil strife and violence, my parents moved to Kenya where they applied for the lottery to be resettled in the West. By a stroke of luck, my family’s application was advanced and we were set up to resettle in the beautiful state of Vermont.  My family was one of the first three families to settle in Vermont through the resettlement program. My family has grown since our arrival I now have 10 younger siblings, seven of whom were born here in Burlington.

I am a graduate of the Burlington School system:  Champlain elementary school, then Edmunds Middle School and I graduated from Burlington High school in 2014. I attended college at a small private school; Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire. During my last semester, I had the humbling opportunity to be a Federal Policy Researcher for a nonpartisan research institute in Washington D.C. During that time, I experienced first-hand the engine of our law making system and the day-to-day proceedings of congressional activity on Capitol Hill.

In May of 2018, I returned to my home, Burlington. Currently I serve on Burlington’s Board for the Registration of Voters, The Destination BTV Advisory Council; the Vermont branch of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), the Community and Economic Development Youth Advisory Board, the Ward 5 NPA Steering Committee, and the Sudanese Foundation Board. Additionally, I serve on an informal youth leadership group called Building Blocks to Success, started by myself and my peers to identify at risk youth in the New American community that may benefit from mentorship and guidance in many capacities.

Building Blocks to Success is the most important commitment to me because it is near and dear to my heart as someone who has had to navigate the waters of a new culture, and balance dual identity. One of my biggest accomplishments is spearheading an initiative to make voting more accessible through an implementation of interpreters at polls and interpretation technology in the new electronic voting systems.


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Take Action

I am running for City Council as a representative of the people for the people. We need people power and donations from the people! I reject all corporate donations and rely on small donations from supporters like you. Any amount helps to triumph over a candidate with deep pockets. Please consider a donation of $19- because the year 2019 is the year of change, movement and synergy for the people of Burlington.

Please consider volunteering. Please follow the link and someone will get in touch with you soon. 


email: mohamedforsouthdistrict@gmail.com



Thank you for your interest in Mohamed Jafar for City Council. If you would like to volunteer, have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.